About us

For more than 15 years, K&J International has been at the forefront of LED design, development and manufacturing. 

K&J LED lamps are used by numerous bus, coach, minibus, taxi, ambulance, fire engine, motorcaravan, military, agricultural, off-road, horsebox, library, exhibition, refrigerated and commercial vehicle builders and hovercraft, yacht and boat builders across the British Isles and overseas.

Our lights are produced using the latest LED technology and highest quality base components, as well as being protected against over-voltage, reverse charge and electrical spikes. K&J lamps are EC Certified and CE/EMC Approved to ensure the best quality and warranty.

K&J lamps are solid in nature and will not be affected by vibration, shock or extremes of temperature. They always employ cutting edge eco-friendly materials to provide the best efficiency.

Main benefits

  • Low current consumption - up to 90% saving compared to traditional vehicle lighting.
  • Long life span - More than 30,000 hours without need for maintenance or spare parts.
  • Excellent brightness with unlimited switching guaranteed. 
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No UV radiation
  • K&J lamps are Fit and Forget for Life products.